Preparing for the future

Image I’ve decided that being an adult sucks.

Along with having to make my own breakfast, lunch and dinner, pay bills, spend hours on the phone organising 5000 types of insurance and sorting alarms to ensure I get to work (that’s another one) on time, I now have to worry about my face.

In the past couple of months I’ve gone from feeling like my face was perfect-ly fine to finding a wrinkle every other day.

What the hell.

I’m 27, surely I do not need anti-ageing cream yet, surely.

Well, according to cosmetic surgeons it’s simply unfathomable I haven’t started the prep yet, or even thought about it. I’ve been offered botox, for free, three times now. THREE TIMES. Gees, I know when to take a hint.

Call me crazy but I’m pretty sure I’m not in desperate need of having a hundred needles jabbed into my face. Anti-ageing cream on the other hand, is looking a little more appealing.

So, two weeks ago a girlfriend and I set out on a hunt to find a miracle cream, one to rid us of our big black eye bags and weary wrinkles. And, we were spoilt for choice.

Aesop proved to be a clear favourite, mainly because the shop smelt nice and the man serving was divine to say the least. After sampling all the testers we came across the eye cream. Now while I was looking for anti-ageing cream, the whole looking-like-you’ve-been-smacked-in-both-eyes situation, isn’t ideal, but the discovery of their eye cream was really something else.

We dipped our fingers in and smothered that creamy goodness around our eyes, making note at the time that yes, it was definitely working, we could feel it already. Then we looked at the price. It was $305 people, $305!! The whole container was the size of a pack of tampons for crying out loud.

Safe to say we left the shop, sad and disappointed but with amazing-feeling eyes.

Two hours passed and the shopping trip came to a close. We made our way to the car, handbags filled with samples, and conversing about how nice our eyes felt. Once in the car I pulled down the visor to look at my eyes in the mirror and I am not even kidding when I tell you I looked like a supermodel. There was not a black bag in sight. I turned to my girlfriend and she literally gasped. It was at that exact moment we attempted to come up with possible ways to get our hands on this cream, without having to hand over a week’s salary.

It was a solid 25 minutes of trying to work out whether or not our husbands would find out, and then convincing them it was all for them anyway and did they want a hot wife or one with bags and wrinkles?

So peeps, any recommendations of life-changing eye creams or anti-ageing serums that won’t smash my bank?

3 thoughts on “Preparing for the future

  1. Body Shop Vitamin E. And then to camouflage any remaining black eye you can use Body Shop Lightening Touch. I slap this on a couple of times a day usually.
    And, word on the street is that haemorrhoid cream works wonders. Because it contracts blood cells which is what the $305 Aesop will be doing.

  2. yes i need anti ageing creams too (that aren’t too expensive!). Will keep checking this comments sections for people’s suggestions 😉 might even try the hemorrhoid cream…

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