Why it’s ok to give to charity

Throw another snag on the barbie, that bad boy is calorie free baby.
Throw another snag on the barbie, that bad boy is calorie free baby.

By the time you have finished reading this post you will have decided whether or not you are a good person.

Just kidding. You’re all shite. Kidding again, you’re all obviously amazeballs – why else would you be reading this.

I got chatting to some jolly chaps I’m lucky enough to call friends at work earlier today and realised we all have something in common, we all have various charities we’re passionate about, and by passionate I mean slightly psychotic.

So, I decided to give you all the down-low on why it is totes ok to give to charity.

1, When buying food related to charity, i.e. at a cake stall or sausage sizzle, it is completely calorie free, CALORIE FREE PEOPLE. You can literally eat as much as you want and, not only are you helping your chosen charity, but also effectively eating without the guilt.

2. You get stuff back. Now, don’t get me wrong – I am definitely not condoning only giving because you receive – BUT, getting stuff is always great and people generally love stuff, whatever it is.

3. It makes you feel like a good person. So even if you truly are a shite person, you will feel like a good one and you will know you did a nice thing.

I have loads of friends who love to give, whether it’s money or time, and they are generally pretty fabulous people, I guess that’s a given since they hang out with me, but seriously – if you want to be like the rest of us cool kids see the below for some brilliant charities that could always do with a hand.

Also, if you would like to donate to the Mrs Knees charity, one of my personal favourites, please note proceeds will be spent on shoes and designer handbags.

And, like one of my good friends said to me today, “even Honey Boo Boo* gives”.


Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is an American reality television series, which will change your life in all the wrong ways.


Some sweet charities:


Feed Melbourne

I am always hungry, and I mean always so this charity, which helps feed people across Melbourne who are unable to afford three meals a day, is one close to the heart.



Tour de Cure

There is no way in hell you will ever catch me riding 2000 odd kms on a bike, my bum would not be able to handle it. To my horror, and absolute delight, there are actual people out there not only willing to do this, but all because they are determined to find a cure for cancer.




A committee of bubbly volunteers who want nothing more than to raise awareness and funds for research into Motor Neuron Disease. They have a knack for organising some pretty raging events.



The Smith Family

If I hadn’t gone to school chances are this blog wouldn’t exist because I wouldn’t be able to string a sentence together, which is still debatable sometimes. Anyhow, these amazing peeps support Aussie kiddies to get an education.



Children’s First Foundation

This wee charity brings children from developing countries to Australia for surgery which is not available in their country of birth – bloody amazing.



Avalon Centre

Remember that time you were cold and you went home – to your house – and put on a jumper? Yeah, well not everyone can do that. Avalon Centre helps people who may have slipped through the cracks, and that my friends, is no fun for anyone.


How to get through the awkward kiss hello

Note: These lips are definitely mine.

I’ve decided to address an ongoing concern, think of it as a bit of a ‘life skill’ if you will.

The question on everyone’s lips at the moment is at what point do you kiss someone hello?

Fear not readers, I have the answer.

A couple of weeks ago I attended a work-related event to support a good cause and do a bit of networking here and there. When I got to the venue I was approached by a high profile female work acquaintance and her male colleague, who I’ve had regular dealings with in the past. I did the old eyebrow raise, to acknowledge I had seen them, and before I knew it a pair of lips had locked on to my upper right cheek.

Startled by the gesture I did an awkward ‘oh heyyyy’ and a bit of a pull-away-and-then-go-back-in-to-cover-my-tracks type thing to hide my surprise. HE HAD KISSED ME ON THE CHEEK PEOPLE. Talk about overstepping the mark. Gees.

I managed to sort my face out only to be super unprepared for it to happen again.

I’ve heard of people being ‘kissable’ but it wasn’t until that moment I realised I fell into that category 😉

This time, to make up for my sad last attempt, I rushed in to greet her kiss with one of my own only to smash our faces together making what was already an awkward move almost unbearable. I had a super sore cheek so can only imagine what kind of pain I had inflicted upon her. Never-the-less, I didn’t address what had happened and managed to bring up something about food and just swept over the issue.

This brings me to my second similar situation.

A few months ago a group of us were visiting a friend and her husband brought up the fact he wasn’t sure who he should kiss and when, because some of us went in for the kill while others lingered back.

I just told it to him straight: ‘I’m going to kiss you hello every time I see you’. What followed was a brief, but hilarious, recount of awkward kisses we had faced. The entire group joined in and then and there we worked out who would say hello with a kiss and who wouldn’t. Problem solved.

So peeps, my advice?

Do it, all the time, and then tell people while you’re doing it that you’re going to kiss them all the time. They won’t be freaked out, they’ll love it.

As for people you work with, or acquaintances? Just plant one on them too, get in there first and to make sure they don’t pull away put a hand on their shoulder so you can lock them into place. I shall never be caught out again. Brilliant.