The aftermath

This is us in out usual attire, getting ready to double bounce some kids.
This is us in our usual attire, getting ready to double bounce some kids
White chocolate mudcake goodness with special silver balls - THAT'S how much I'm loved
White chocolate mudcake goodness with special silver balls – THAT’S how much I’m loved

I’ve put on two kilos. TWO KILOS PEOPLE.

While this is immensely upsetting, it also provides me, and you, the evidence needed to prove my birthday weekend was a success. Friday, the day of birth, was brilliant. It started with Lindt balls in bed followed by a number of presents opened, all of which were to my liking.

I had no issues with my chosen outfit and my hair played ball – so all in all by the time I arrived at work I was feeling good. Now, I’m not sure if the workmates read the blog or just happened to be in a good mood because it was the last day of the working week, but everyone seemed pumped it was my special day. Come to think of it, they were probably just excited about the impending cake.

We went out for lunch, followed by an assortment of cakes by my very talented work girls, and I received a steady flow of phone calls.

BUT, all day I couldn’t stop thinking about the evenings surprise. I was certain Mr Knees was going to take me ice-skating. Oh how wrong I was.

About 14 of us twenty somethings rocked up to Bounce Inc – a giant indoor trampoline park in Glen Iris.

I have almost never had so much fun in my life. Adulthood was abruptly thrown out the door as we raced around playing dodge-ball, basketball, attempting flips and just ‘free jumping’. We had a handful of injuries within the first ten minutes, but we proved age doesn’t matter and battled on. The evening was finished at the pub, a great end to what was truly a great day.

But reality’s a bitch and now I have to somehow attempt to drop this excess weight before one of the girlfriends weddings in two weeks. I do not want to be the chubster in the photos. So, I am going to eat the ice-cream Mr Knees just bought because I hate waste, and then its upwards and onwards into a world of eating air.

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