A day never to be repeated, sadly

Never to be repeated Yo-Chi tasted extra delish tonight. The next time I eat it I will be old...er.
Never to be repeated Yo-Chi tasted extra delish tonight. The next time I eat it I will be old…er.

Tonight I had Yo-Chi for the last time at age 26.

Tomorrow is my birthday. So, from 8.32am (the time I popped out all those years ago) and for the next 12 months every time I do anything I will be 27. But I feel ok about this.

I’m pretty big on birthdays, that’s probably an understatement. I feel that the week prior to a birthday is the lead up, and so a count down to the day must ensue, and the weekend after your birthday is classified as your birthday weekend. Anyone who disputes this should probably just drop off my presents and then stay away from my life.

My parents have both provided me with said countdown, and the mother-in-law has jumped in on the action the past two days – so it’s really started heating up.

I’m also a firm believer that you must not, under any circumstances, open birthday presents or cards before the actual day. I have spent the past week and a half scanning the post to ensure all non-identifiable mail has been put aside in the ‘birthday pile’. It’s just not worth the risk.

Husbo has something planned, he’s been nattering to a few friends and they have a wee surprise for me. I probably won’t sleep tonight due to too much excitement.

Tonight, I have cleaned the house, been for a walk and begun beauty preparations for the big day. I was in the car earlier coming back from Yo-Chi and Mr Knees said ‘why are you in a hurry?’ and I said ‘because I need to get home and wash my hair, shave my legs and paint my nails’. He then asked me why and I said ‘because tomorrow everyone will be looking at me’, then he just stared at me with his mouth open a bit and said “you are mental” and stopped talking to me. I don’t think I am.

Tomorrow I will eat cake for breakfast, cake for morning tea and I’ll go out for lunch. I’ll probably have cake for afternoon tea, a gin and tonic with the work girls and then my surprise will start. But it’s ok, because calories don’t count on your birthday. I’m also pumped about opening presents in the morning, Mr Knees will have to wake up five minutes earlier to collect them all and bring them into me while I open them one by one without tearing the paper. I can’t wait.

Also, I have a confession. I lied earlier about shaving my legs. I decided to do it in the morning because they’ll be fresher.

One thought on “A day never to be repeated, sadly

  1. Yes!! Cake for brekky and lunch! This is super awesome, also because that means I get cake at both these meal times too 🙂 Happy Birthday my darling friend xox

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